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For everyone who has problems or doesn't know how to unpack z01, z02, files, follow this simple procedure: install the latest version of winzip or winrar, open only the zip files (ignore z01, z02 etc...), select the content and extract somewhere. That's all.


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Sunday, February 25, 2018

Pink Floyd - 1970-04-22 - Port Chester, NY (AUD/FLAC)

(Audience FLAC)

Capitol Theater

Equipment: Sony TC-110
Source: Master Cassette > Soundforge / Remaster > CD-R > FLAC

Disc 1
1. Granchester Meadows  
2. Astronomy Domine  
3. Cymbaline          
4. Atom Heart Mother  
5. The  Embryo      

Disc 2
1. Green is the Colour
2. Careful With that Axe, Eugene
3. Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun
4. A Saucerful of Secrets
5. Interstellar Overdrive*

*original text file misnamed as "Pink Blues"

Led Zeppelin - 1971-09-24 - Tokyo, JP (AUD/FLAC)

(Audience FLAC)

Led Zeppelin A HArd Rock Night
Budokan Hall

Wendy Records Source: Audience recording

Silvers>EAC Secure Mode>TLH Flac level 8 tested files + MD5 Checksum, EAC logfiles & artwork included

01. Immigrant Song
02. Heartbreaker
03. Since I've Been Loving You
04. Black Dog
05. Dazed And Confused

01. Stairway To Heaven
02. Celebration Day
03. That's The Way
04. Going To California
05. Tangerine
06. What Is And What Should Never Be
07. Moby Dick

01. Whole Lotta Love (incl.Boogie Woogie/Cocaine-Rave On-Your Time Is Gonna Come-I'm A Man-The Hunter-Hello Mary Lou-Oh, Pretty Woman-How Many More Times)
02. Organ Solo
03. Thank You
04. Communication Breakdown

Led Zeppelin - 1970-09-19 - New York City, NY (AUD/FLAC)

(Audience FLAC)

Led Zeppelin - "Funeral For A Friend"

September, 19th, 1970, New York City, New York, Madison Square Garden, (Evening Show)
Remastered Audience Recording, (A Group/Personal Project)

Lineage: Bell & Howell mono recorder > Master Cassette > 1st gen Sony 252 open reel > SoundForge > CD-R (exact lineage unknown > ProTools (errors corrected) > CDR > Flac > DVD-R > HD > TLH, Decode > WAV > Remaster > Flac (Level.8, Align On SBE's) > Flac (All Tracks Tested With TLH, No Errors Occured)

Label: N/A

Original Taper: Darth9Neo

This is a Group/Personal Project by "Those guys who think you've got some nerve there mister!", The 7th Son, Joel, Per Jonson, Porgie, Mark, Grendel, and Acapulco Gold.

Disc One:

01) Scott Muni Introduction
02) Immigrant Song
03) Heartbreaker
04) Dazed And Confused
05) Bring It On Home
06) Tribute/Eulogy To Jimi Hendrix
07) That's The Way
08) Bron-Yr-Aur
09) Since I've Been Loving You
10) Organ Solo
11) Thank You

Disc Two:
01) What Is And What Should Never Be
02) Moby Dick
03) Rice Pudding (Tease)
04) Whole Lotta Love (Medley)
- Boogie Chillen
- Dust My Broom
- Trucking Little Mama
- Bottle Up And Go
- Lawdy Miss Clawdy
- For What It's Worth
- Cinnamon Girl
- Some Other Guy
- Train Kept-A-Rollin'
- I'm A King Bee
- C.C Rider
- Baby Don't You Wanna Go
- Honey Bee
- The Lemon Song
05) Out On The Tiles

06) Communication Breakdown (Includes: "It's Your Thing" and "Gallows Pole")
07) Scott Muni Announcement
08) The Girl Can't Help It
09) Talking 'Bout You
10) Twenty Flight Rock
11) How Many More Times (Medley)
- The Hunter
- Cadillac (No Money Down)
- Blueberry Hill

U2 - TV Is Still On (DVDfull pro-shot)

(DVDfull pro-shot)

Support: DVD Silver
Manufacturer: Apocalypse Sound
Performance: Live
Camera: Pro
Format: NTSC
Sound: LPCM
Ratio: 4/3 – 720x480
Chapters: Yes (By Titles)
Menu: Yes

01. City Of Blinding Lights
02. Vertigo
03. One
04. Love And Peace Or Else
05. She's A Mystery To Me
06. Beautiful Day
07. Out Of Control
08. Sometimes You Can't Make It On Your Own
09. Interview & Highlihgts From Brussels
10. Elevation
11. Sunday Bloody Sunday
12. Bullet The Blue Sky
13. Running To Stand Still
14. Until The End Of The World
15. Who's Gonna Ride Your Wild Horses
16. All Because Of You
17. Party Girl
18. Bad/40

(1-2): Germany, Cologne (Brainpool TV Studio "Total TV" - June 13th ,2005
(3): Canada, Toronto (Skelter from the Storm: a concert for the gulf coast) - September 10th, 2005 (With Mary J. Blige)
(4): Canada, Toronto (React Now - Music & relief) - September 11th, 2005
(5-7): USA, New York, Brooklyn (NY) (MTV Jammed) - November 22th, 2004
(: USA, Los Angeles (CA) (Grammy Awards)- February 13th, 2006
(9): Belgium, Brussels (The Culture Show, BBC TV UK)- June 10th, 2006
(10): USA, Denver (CO) - April 21th, 2005.
(11-12): USA, Denver (CO) - April 20th, 2005
(13-14): USA, Boston (MA) - May 26th, 2005
(15): USA, Boston (MA) - May 28th, 2005
(16): USA, Seattle (WA) - April 24th, 2005
(17-1: USA, Boston (MA) - May 28th, 2005

Black Sabbath - 1971-10-01 - San Francisco, CA (AUD/FLAC)

(Audience FLAC)

Venue: Winterland Ballroom
Source: Vg+ Audience Recording

Ozzy Osbourne: Vocals
Tony Iommi: Guitar
Bill Ward: Drums
Geezer Butler: Bass

01: Intro
02: N.I.B.
03: War Pigs
04: Sweet Leaf
05: Iron Man
06: Wicked World
07: Guitar Solo
08: Wicked World (Reprise)
09: Embryo
10: Children Of The Grave
11: Paranoid (Cut In)
12: Fairies Wear Boots

Although it's not certain, the silver boot (which those flac files came from) is claimed to be from the MASTER REEL of this show. It seems this was recorded by a japanese music journalist

Black Sabbath - 1971-10-17 - Phoenix, AZ (AUD/FLAC)

(Audience FLAC)



01: Tune Ups/N.I.B.
02: War Pigs
03: Sweet Leaf
04: Iron Man
05: Children Of The Grave
06: Wicked World
07: Paranoid
08: Faires Wear Boots

Black Sabbath - 1980-11-16 - Tokyo, JP (AUD/FLAC)

(Audience FLAC)

Nakano Sun Plaza Hall
Afternoon show (2 PM)
Source 2 (taped by Miracle Man)
Excellent audience recording
"Face of Evil" (Calm & Storm 012)

"Black Sabbath
Live at Nakano Sunplaza, Tokyo, Japan 16th November 1980 Afternoon Show

Title: Face Of Evil
Source: Excellent Audience Recording (Recorded by Miracle Man)
Label: Calm & Storm

Tony Iommi - Guitars
Ronnie James Dio - Vocals
Geezer Butler - Bass
Vinny Appice - Drums
Geoff Nicholls - Keyboards"

01 Supertzer
02 War Pigs
03 Neon Knights
04 N.I.B.
05 Children Of The Sea
06 Sweet Leaf
07 Drum Solo
08 Sweet Leaf (Reprise)
09 Lady Evil
10 Black Sabbath

01 Heaven And Hell
02 Iron Man
03 Guitar Solo
04 Die Young
05 Paranoid

Running time: 90:23 min

George Harrison - 1974-11-20 - St. Louis, MO (AUD/FLAC)

(Audience FLAC)

Audience recording > unknown fiddling about over the years > CD > CDR > trades > CDR > EAC > wav > ClickRepair > Cool Edit Pro 2 (edits, time adjustments, EQ, volume) > wav > flac

George Harrison (Guitar)
Robben Ford (Guitar)
Willie Weeks (Bass Guitar)
Andy Newmark (Drums)
Billy Preston (Keyboards)
Emil Richards (Percussion)
Tom Scott (Horns)
Chuck Findley (Trumpet)
Jim Horn (Saxophone)
Kumar Shankar (Percussion)

01. Hari's on Tour (Express) (Harrison) 5:12
02. While my Guitar Gently Weeps (Harrison) 5:29
03. Something (Harrison) 4:05
04. Will it go Round in Circles (Preston) 3:54
05. Sue Me Sue You Blues (Harrison) 5:29
06. For You Blue (Harrison) 5:38
07. Band Introductions (Harrison) 1:04
08. Give me Love (Give me Peace on Earth) (Harrison) 4:02
09. Sound Stage of Mind (Harrison) 4:20
10. In my Life (Lennon/McCartney) 5:56
11. Tom Cat (Scott) 4:11
12. Maya Love (Harrison) 5:21
13. Dark Horse (Harrison) 4:21
14. Nothing from Nothing (Preston) 3:46
15. Outta Space (Preston) 4:51
16. What is Life (Harrison) 5:37
17. My Sweet Lord (Harrison) 8:11

Total time 81:27

Show IDs:
0:51 of track 1 - "Hello St Louis!"
4:35 of track 1 "Welcome to St Louis. It's very nice to be here!"
0:56 of track 7 "My name is Neil Diamond"

Two faded (10, 11) tracks for CD version (CD1 - 1-10; CD2 - 11-17)
Raw version of "Sue Me Sue You Blues" for die-hard purists! The cut is at 2:38.

Source - I'm Neil Diamond (Publisher: Howling Leg)

George Harrison and friends at the St Louis Arena - the only show played that day. This is the 16th show of the 1974 North American tour. Not the complete show, with the Indian section missing. George is in good humour, and seems very positive about the show and his reception. He provides a few vocal lines in "Soundstage of Mind", and gives a brief thank you speech before "What is Life". "For you Blue" includes bass solo by Willie Weeks and a trumpet solo by Chuck Findley. The sound is average for an audience recording of the era - distant and a bit indistinct, but with a clean sound.

Two versions of this show have shown up here - Barrier's "Live at the Arena" and Black Cat's "Playing for 70 000 Yobbos". The latter is the most complete, including "Tom Cat" and "Nothing from Nothing", but is split over two discs. This is an edit of the two - mainly the Barrier version, with the missing two songs added from the Black Cat edition - presenting the show as a seamless whole for burning to DVD-Audio.

There also exists the Green Grape CD "1974-11-20 St. Louis, MO, USA", which squeezes all the tracks here onto one disc. A tape version of the entire show (i.e. including the Indian section) is said to exist.

A comparison between the Barrier and Black Cat version showed that the latter had been altered quite a lot - a big treble boost, which unfortunately merely served to emphasise its unevenness, and a large volume increase between songs - or just some sort of brickwalling normalisation. Also, there was some discrepancy on the speed - a section of the studio version of the song "Dark Horse" was used as a reference, and to correct them, the 1st version was slowed by 2%, and the Black Cat sped up by 0.3%. Some EQ was applied to the Black Cat tracks to match the sound of the Barrier version, and the volume of all tracks was raised.

A couple of songs had continuity breaks - "Sue Me Sue You Blues" had a [very smooth] cut in the middle of about 5 seconds - two sections have been patched in from elsewhere in the performance to restore it. "In my Life" had been patched already at the 1:30 mark, with a couple of jarring noises leaving the patch obvious (less so in the Black Cat version, where some sort of noise reduction/overlaying had been performed) - a new patch has been made. The was a break before "What is Life", and George's speech cuts in, and another before "My Sweet Lord" - the applause has been [further] shortened (by about 0.5 seconds) to smooth the continuity.

Elton John - 2013-12-03 - New York, NY (AUD/FLAC)

(Audience FLAC)

ELTON JOHN (with 2Cellos)
"From The Man In The 22nd Row"

Madison Square Garden, New York, NY, USA // 2013-12-03

Lineage (TSS_Killer): Live sound output > Sound Professionals SP-BMC-2 mini binaural microphones w/ SP-EMC-1 croakie mounts > Microphone Madness MM-CBM-Mini miniature battery module > Roland R-05 (PCM @ 96/24) w/ a Sandisk 16GB Class 4 SDHC Card > PC via USB > Reaper (x64) > FLAC

Lineage (inu-liger): FLAC > foobar2000 > WAV > Goldwave (volume normalization - max 2dB, fade in/out, track-splitting) > WAV > foobar2000 (with down-conversion to 44.1/16) > FLAC (Level 8)

Quality: Excellent

Recorded on location by TSS_Killer

2Cellos Video Introduction
Smooth Criminal
Smells Like Teen Spirit

01 - Funeral For A Friend / Love Lies Bleeding
02 - Bennie And The Jets
03 - Candle In The Wind
04 - Grey Seal
05 - Levon
06 - Tiny Dancer
07 - Holiday Inn
08 - Mona Lisas And Mad Hatters
09 - Believe
10 - Philadelphia Freedom
11 - Goodbye Yellow Brick Road
12 - Rocket Man
13 - Hey Ahab
14 - I Guess That's Why They Call It The Blues
15 - The One (solo)
16 - Oceans Away
17 - Someone Saved My Life Tonight
18 - Sad Songs (Say So Much)
19 - All The Girls Love Alice
20 - Home Again
21 - Band Introductions
22 - Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me
23 - I'm Still Standing
24 - The Bitch Is Back
25 - Your Sister Can't Twist (But She Can Rock 'n Roll)
26 - Saturday Night's Alright For Fighting

27 - Your Song
28 - Crocodile Rock 

Taper's Notes: 
"First night isn't great quality due to people coughing around me and one bald man in the next row down who insisted on doing air instruments and singing with the majority of songs. Title is in reference to a line in "Candle In The Wind," and the fact that I was seated in the 22nd row of that section"

David Bowie - 1972-08-20 - London, UK (AUD/FLAC)

(Audience FLAC) 

Ziggy live at the Rainbow 1972) both Edited/Uneditted Flacs

Recorded live at the Finsbury Park Rainbow Theatre 20th August 1972 (2nd Night)

Artwork: Included

Audience recording: with the original Flac files grabbed from Mindwarp Pavillion as a guest user.

Sound Quality: 
8 to 8.5/10 or between Ex and Ex+

With regards to the sound if we all accept that Joe Maloneys recording from Boston on 01-10-72 is the best Bowie audience recording that there is out there, then in my opinion this is not quite as good as that, but only just. (So apart from Joe's recording from Boston it doesn't get better than this sound wise)

My Edited Version


MWP>Flac 8>Edited With Syntrillium>Wav>Flac8>Yeeshkul

Unedited version:
Silver disc > Soundforge > Flac 8 

01 Ode to Joy
02 Lady Stardust
03 Hang Onto Yourself
04 Ziggy Stardust
05 Life On Mars
06 The Supermen
07 Changes
08 Five Years
09 Space Oddity
10 Andy Warhol
11 My Death
12 Width of a Circle (Cut)
13 Wild Eyed Boy From Freecloud
14 Starman
15 Moonage Daydream
16 Queen Bitch
17 Suffragette City
18 White Light White Heat
19 Waiting For The Man

A phenominal audience recording for the period; from the second night of the famous "Rainbow" shows, rumoured to have been recorded by a mate of Woody Woodmansey. There is a cut in "Width of a Circle", the discs had the missing section badly replaced by a section from the officially released "Ziggy Stardust - The Motion Picture", this I obviously removed. In my opinion this is as good if not better than the famous Maloney Boston recording and must rank as one of the best Ziggy audience recordings. Part of this show has been booted as "Rainbow Theatre" and complete as "Rainbow - The Magic Theatre", It is certainly an upgrade on both of these. The recording was also remasterd and torrented a few years back as "Up yours Reg" by Downunder2 (Steve), I haven't heard this but I'd be suprised if this is any worse. The running time is annoyingly just over that of a standard disc, how you wish to split it is up to you, the artwork suggest after "My death", I actually burnt it complete on a 90 min CDR (Be warned: 90 min discs will play on most PC's but not on most home stereos)
A big thankyou to Bofinken for the discs and Steve for the additional background info. If you have this show already, I'd love to know how it compares. If not, I know your going to enjoy this.

The Rolling Stones - 1975-06-01 - Baton Rouge, LA (SBD/FLAC) 2nd show

(Soundboard FLAC)

Dunkirk Hall
Baton Rouge, LA
June 1, 1975 (2nd show)

01: Honky Tonk Women
02: All Down The Line
03: Medley: 
- If You Can't Rock Me
- Get Off Of My Cloud
04: Ain't Too Proud To Beg
05: Star Star
06: Gimme Shelter
07: You Gotta Move
08: Band Introductions
09: You Can't Always Get What You Want
10: Happy
11: Tumbling Dice
12: Luxury

01: Fingerprint File
02: Angie
03: Wild Horses
04: That's Life
05: Outta Space
06: Brown Sugar
08: It's Only Rock 'N' Roll
09: Rip This Joint
10: Street Fighting Man
11: Midnight Rambler

The Rolling Stones - 1962-1968 - Record Mirror Vol. 1 (STU/FLAC)

(Studio FLAC)

The Rolling Stones
Record Mirror Volume 1
All tracks are unreleased studio sessions between 1962 to 1968

Lineage: Silvers > Trade CDR > WAV (EAC) > FLAC
Label: Bedrock Records
Artwork: included with detailed information

CD 1
01 Can't Judge A Book
02 Bright Lights Big City
03 Diddley Daddy
04 Baby What's WrongRoad
05 Road Runner
06 I Want To Be Loved
07 Poison Ivy
08 Fortune Teller
09 It Should Be You
10 Tell Me
11 King Bee
12 Not Fade Away
13 And Mr Spector And Mr Pitney Came Too
14 Andrew's Blues
15 Mona
16 As Time Go By
17 Snap Crackle Pop
18 Don't Lie to Me
19 High Heeled Snickers
20 Stewed And Keefed
21 Look What You've Done
22 Tell Me Baby How Many Times
23 Down In The Bottom
24 We're Wasting Time
25 Hear It
26 Each & Every Day Of The Year
27 I'd Much Rather Be With The Boys
28 Try A Little Harder

CD 2
01 Sleepy City
02 Some Things Just Stick In Your Mind
03 Heart Of Stone
04 Heart Of Stone
05 Everybody Needs Somebody
06 Blue Turns To Grey
07 Last Time
08 I've Been Loving You To Long
09 Satisfaction
10 Looking Tired
11 Get Off My Cloud
12 Mother's Little Helper
13 19th Nervous Breakdown
14 Paint It Black
15 Lady Jane
16 Out Of Time
17 Get Yourself Together
18 Have You Seen Your Mother Baby
19 If You Let Me
20 Let's Spend The Night Together

CD 3
01 All Sold Out
02 Get Yourself Together
03 Yesterday's Paper
04 Ruby Tuesday
05 Complicated
06 Please Go Home
07 My Obsession
08 Dandelion
09 Ride On Baby
10 Let's Spend The Night Together
11 Child Of The Moon
12 Sing This Song All Together
13 Citadel
14 In Another Land
15 2000 Man
16 She's A Rainbow
17 The Latern
18 The Gomper
19 2000 Light Years From Home
20 On With The Show
21 Gold Painted Nails

CD 4
01 Sympathy For The Devil
02 Family
03 Downtown Lucie
04 Hamburger To Go
05 I'm A Country Boy
06 Sister Morphine
07 You Got The Silver
08 Jumping Jack Flash
09 Sympathy For The Devil
10 No Expectations
11 Dear Doctor
12 Parachute Woman
13 Jigsaw Puzzle
14 Prodigal Son

The Rolling Stones - 1968-1974 - Record Mirror Vol. 2 (STU/FLAC)

(Studio FLAC)

The Rolling Stones
Record Mirror Volume 2
All tracks are unreleased studio sessions between 1968 to 1974

Lineage: Silvers > Trade CDr > WAV(EAC) > FLAC
Label: Bedrock Records
Artwork: included with detailed information

There is one flaw that should be mentioned (I listened to each disc before posting):
Disc 1 - Track 2 has some kind of static-like noise in it scattered about in the final 45 seconds.

CD 1
01 Stray Cat Blues 
02 Factory Girl 
03 Salt Of The Earth 
04 I'm A Country Boy 
05 Did Everybody Pay Their Dues 
06 Blood Red Wine 
07 Still A Fool 
08 Highway Child 
09 Memo From Turner 
10 Gimme Shelter 
11 Loving Cup 
12 Honky Tonk Women 
13 Country Honk 
14 Jiving Sister Fanny 
15 I Don't Know Why 
16 Dancing In The Light 

CD 2
01 Gimme Shelter 
02 All Down The Line 
03 I Don't Know The Reason Why 
04 Brown Sugar 
05 You Gotta Move 
06 I've Got The Blues 
07 Brown Sugar 
08 Wild Horses 
09 Bitch 
10 Brown Sugar 
11 Schoolboy Blues 

CD 3
01 Bitch 
02 Good Time Women 
03 Sway 
04 Mean Woman Blues 
05 Dead Flowers 
06 Silver Train 
07 All Down The Line 
08 Shine A Light 
09 Stop Breaking Down 
10 Loving Cup 
11 Traveling Man 
12 Sweet Virginia 
13 I Don't Care 
14 Exile On Mainstreet Blues 
15 Hip Shake 
16 Blues Jam 
17 Hip Shake 
18 Blues Jam 
19 Gimme A Drink 

CD 4
01 Tumbling Dice 
02 Potted Shrimp 
03 Aladdin Story 
04 Leather Jacket 
05 Dancing With Mr. D 
06 Separately 
07 Criss Cross Man 
08 Silver Train 
09 Winter 
10 Angie 
11 Who Am I 
12 Living In The Heart Of Love 
13 Drift Away 
14 I Can't Help It 
15 Dance Little Sister 
16 It's Only Rock N Roll

Bruce Springsteen - 1978-11-02 - Landover, MD (SBD/FLAC)

(Soundboard FLAC)

It`s dangerous down there tonight

Capitol Theatre

Format: 3 CD-R
Label: Z
Catalog #: Z-004

Cdr-->EAC (secure)-->FLAC

Included in this upload: Infofile, logfiles, md5, par files, artwork and spectral/frequency jpgs.

CD 1
01. Badlands
02. Streets of fire
03. Spirit in the night
04. The ties that bind
05. Darkness on the edge of town
06. Independence day
07. The promised land
08. Prove it all night
09. Racing in the street

CD 2
01. Thunder road
02. Jungleland
03. Fire
04. Candy's room
05. Because the night
06. Point blank
07. Mona/She`s the one
08. Backstreets

CD 3
01. Rosalita (Come out tonight)
02. Born to run
03. Detroit Medley
04. Quarter to three

Soundboard recording. Released on CD "Quarter To Three" (SEA) and more recently on "It's Dangerous Down There Tonight" (Z004) from a new high quality master tape. The show is filmed from the screen above the stage.

The Cure - 1997-12-10 - Seattle, WA (FM/FLAC)

(FM broadcast FLAC)

1997/12/10 SEATTLE Mercer Arena 

source : 
FM broadcast (FM0) 

transfer lineage : 
The End FM > ? > CD R > SoundForge Pro 10 (left channel volume +0,60, normalize to 0,00 db, combine cds, tracks edit) > TLH (flac level 8) 
transfered by fearofghost 

sound quality (subjective rating out of 5) : 5- (very good fm recording) 

01 - Shake dog shake (05:01) 
02 - Torture (04:09) 
03 - Fascination street (04:03) 
04 - Push (04:38) 
05 - The holy hour (04:40)* 
06 - A strange day (04:14) 
07 - One hundred years (06:47) 
08 - Piggy in the mirror (03:33)* 
09 - The same deep water as you (08:38) 
10 - Just like heaven (03:47) 
11 - From the edge of the deep green sea (08:38) 
12 - Inbetween days (03:13)* 
13 - Wrong number (06:35) 
14 - Cut (05:20) 
15 - Disintegration (09:01) 
16 - Faith (07:54) 
17 - 10:15 saturday night (03:18) 
18 - Killing an arab (04:11) 

total time 1:37:49 

* radio jingles 

additionnal infos about this show :

Black Sabbath & Rob Halford - 2004-08-25 - Camden, NJ (DVDfull pro-shot)

(DVDfull pro-shot)

Tweeter Center @ The Waterfront

DVD5 Formato : DVD Video Codec Video : MPEG2 Codec Audio : AC3
Video : NTSC 4: 3 (720x480) VBR
Audio : Inglese (LinearPCM, 2 ch) Inglese (Dolby AC3, 6 ch)

Rob Halford Vocals
Tony Iommi Guitar
Geezer Butler Bass
Bill Ward Drums
Adam Wakeman Keyboards

01 - Introduction By Tommy Conwell (Black Screen-Audio Only)
02 - Bill Ward Reading Letter From Ozzy (Black Screen-Audio Only)
03 - War Pigs (No Footage Of Sabbath-Video Collage Shown)
04 - N.I.B
05 - Faires Wear Boots
06 - Into The Void
07 - Black Sabbath
08 - Iron Man
09 - Children Of The Grave
10 - Sabbath Bloody Sabbath (Intro)/Paranoid

Durata : 1:04:15

Depeche Mode - 1984-11-03 - London, UK (SBD/FLAC)

(Soundboard FLAC)

Hammersmith Odeon

Incomplete soundboard recording

TDK cassette (unknown gen) -> transfer to Sony CD-R (unknown method) -> FLAC level 8
Audiochecker log and original sharer's info included.

Missing songs from this recording are "Shout" and "Just Can't Get Enough" (which would be the last two tracks, respectively). "See You" is only 20 seconds long.

Dave Gahan - lead vocals
Martin Gore - keyboards, backing vocals; occasional lead vocals (*)
Alan Wilder - keyboards, backing vocals
Andrew Fletcher - keyboards, backing vocals

01. Intro [0:45]
02. Something To Do [4:00]
03. Two Minute Warning [4:35]
04. Puppets [3:54]
05. If You Want [5:07]
06. People Are People [4:10]
07. Leave In Silence [4:58]
08. New Life [4:11]
09. Shame [4:05]
10. Somebody (*) [5:09]
11. Ice Machine [3:40]
12. Lie To Me [5:20]
13. Blasphemous Rumours [5:16]
14. Told You So [4:39]
15. Master And Servant [5:09]
16. Photographic [4:21]
17. Everything Counts [5:58]
18. See You [0:20]

Total time: 1:15:38

This version is the most complete recording available of this concert to-date.

The right channel is louder than the left. There is some tape hiss, but that can be expected. The majority of "Somebody" has the left channel louder than the right. This tape recording isn't as clear as the soundboard remaster I shared previously

There is a pre-FM vinyl rip, a radio broadcast, and a remaster which probably was sourced from a lower generation copy of this soundboard tape. All are incomplete. All three have been shared on DIME at some point or another.

Pearl Jam - 1998-07-22 - Seattle, WA (FM/FLAC)

(FM broadcast FLAC)

Memorial Stadium

Source: EX FM Broadcast.

Info Show Broadcasted by local radio station from my hometown. Date Unknown (Probably 2008 Or 2009).

FM Receiver (Aiwa NSX-D909) -> Sony Vaio -> Nero Wave Editor -> CD-Rs(M) -> EAC -> FLAC.

CD 1 [01:03:46]
01. DJ Intro (REMOVED)
02. Last Exit
03. Animal
04. Spin The Black Circle
05. Brain of J.
06. Faithfull
07. Red Mosquito
08. Given To Fly
09. MFC
10. Habit
11. Not For You
12. Daughter/Beginning To See the Light
13. Evenflow
14. Off He Goes
15. Better Man
16. Lukin
17. Present Tense

CD 2 [53:42]
18. Mankind
19. Alive
20. Corduroy
21. Hail Hail
22. Do The Evolution
23. Porch
24. ENCORE 1
25. Wishlist
26. Leatherman
27. Leaving Here
28. Fuckin' Up
29. Yellow Ledbetter
30. DJ Outro (REMOVED)

Harvey Mandel - 1990-08-10 - Cotati, CA (SBD/FLAC)

(Soundboard FLAC)

AUGUST 10,1990

Sb Master > 2Nd Gen Cassette >M-Audio Transit > Cool Edit > Cd Wave Editor > Traders Little Helper > Flac

01-Introduction W/ Bad Bill Graham Impersonation
02-? ( Blues Shuffle Instrumental )
03-Jive Samba
04-Miami Rain
05-Baby Batter
06-When A Man Loves A Woman
07-I Got You
08-Dancing In The Street
09-Tobacco Road
10-Hot Stuff
11-Red House
13-The Snake

03-Midnight Sun




05-My Soul'S On Fire
08-Come On Down
09-Midnight Sun

Derek and the Dominos - The Majestic Stand (AUD/FLAC)

(Audience FLAC)

Derek and the Dominos
"The Majestic Stand" (Mid Valley 2006)
Various Dates and Venues

Mid Valley 068-071

Silvers > CD-R > Liteon IHap 322 > EAC v. 0.99 Prebeta 5 (Secure, Offset Correct) > FLAC

Eric Clapton Guitar, Vocals
Carl Radle Bass
Jim Gordon Drums
Bobby Whitlock Keyboards, Vocals

Disc 1: 
Electric Factory - Philadelphia, Pa. - October 16, 1970
1. Ramblin' On My Mind
2. Why Does Love Got to Be So Sad
3. Blues Power
4. Have You Ever Loved a Woman
5. Mean Old World
6. Motherless Children
7. Let it Rain

Disc 2: 
Santa Monica, Ca. - November 20, 1970 (Afternoon Show)
1. Got to Get Better in a Little While
2. Key to the Highway
3. Why Does Love Got to Be So Sad
4. Blues Power
5. Have You Ever Loved a Woman
6. Tell the Truth
7. All Night Long "Derek's Boogie"
8. Let it Rain

Disc 3: 
Santa Monica, Ca. - November 20, 1970 (Evening Show)
1. Got to Get Better in a Little While
2. Key to the Highway
3. Why Does Love Got to Be So Sad
4. Blues Power
5. Stormy Monday
6. Tell the Truth
7. Let it Rain
8. Every Day I Have the Blues

Geetarz Comments:
The typical Mid Valley quality touch is obvious in this reissue of the earlier set, and is not to be confused with the earlier (1999) release of the same name on the Empress Valley label, which was available in 3CD and "4 Gold CD Limited Edition" versions. 

Now, on to the goods ...
We begin with the epic October 16 performance from Philadelphia, which has been remastered by Mid Valley. 
This is a legendary Dominos show, and a personal favorite. Some older reference guides inexplicably refer to this as a soundboard, but it's clearly a marginal to average recording.
Luckily a fantastic performance makes up for any drawbacks of the source material.
"Ramblin" features some of EC's best ever slide playing. EC can at times play slide a little too precisely - but in this performance, he exhibits loopy, "out of the box" playing that clearly shows Duane Allman's influence as he dances around all the notes. I don't recall EC performing "Ramblin'" in this arrangement again, which alone makes it unique.
This performance is also notable for an incredible, mind bending, tour-de-force performance of "Why does Love...", which is, in my Not-So-Humble opinion, not only the finest performance of this song of all time, but has to be one of EC's top performances of any song, ever. If I were making a list of the "Top 25 songs EC ever played" or something like that, this song would be on that list.
And it's not just EC here. If you listen to some of the very early gigs, the band were a little loose, but here they play as a single organism, rising and falling, playing off each other for all they are worth. "Why Does..." has always had a demanding and unusual bass line, and Radle holds it down, driving the song in the same way that Entwhistle would actually drive the rhythm of The Who as Moon, or in this case Jim Gordon, lays out some 15+ minutes of drum madness, and Bobby Whitlock holding it all together with a shimmering B3 and his incredible vocals.
This performance of this song is indeed "epic", and unforgettable.
This show also features the first-ever live performance of "Motherless Children", albeit in raw form, which in a way adds to its charm. 
Now, with that aside ... how does it sound? This one is up to personal preference. Sometimes Mid Valley goes a little over the top, but I quite like this version, and, depending on your listening circumstance, you may prefer it. It's a definite change from the original, and I think that in the end it will come down to not only your personal preferences, but the volume at which you listen and how you listen (speakers, PC speakers, headphones, cheap stereo, car stereo, boom box, etc.).
Onto the Santa Monica show ... as with the earlier Philadelphia show, it's time to talk about a few of the MANY releases of this particular performance. 
Perhaps the earliest were vinyl ROIO, and of course numerous traded cassette copies of uncertain parentage, and subsequent CD release "Stormy Monday" on the Trademark of Quality (TMoQ) label. Those, and the later, "Live at Santa Monica" are incomplete, as they only feature only one of the two performances that day.
This Mid Valley release of "The Majestic Stand" (Mid Valley 068-071) is subtly remastered, and from that point on it's up to personal preference which version a listener will prefer, the Mid Valley or the version on the Paddington label version (PADD 040/041/042). 
The Mid Valley version is a little warmer and darker, the Paddington trades off being a bit brighter for a little more overall volume and hiss.
In the end, I'd suggest that you check out both the MV and Paddington versions, and choose which is *your* personal preference.

Bob Dylan - 2017-04-01/02 - Stockholm, SWE (AUD/FLAC)

(Audience FLAC)

Bob Dylan - The Nobel Prize Box (Crystal Cat - CC 1080 - 1084) 

1st April, 2017 - Waterfront Auditorium, Stockholm, Sweden. 

Disk 1 
01 - Intro 
02 - Things Have Changed 
03 - Don't Think Twice, It's All Right 
04 - Highway 61 Revisited 
05 - Beyond Here Lies Nothin' 
06 - Full Moon And Empty Arms 
07 - High Water (For Charly Patton) 
08 - Melancholy Mood 
09 - Duquesne Whistle 
10 - Love Sick 
11 - Tangled Up In Blue 

Disk 2 
01 - Pay in Blood 
02 - Standing in The Doorway 
03 - Scarlet Town 
04 - I Could Have Told You 
05 - Desolation Row 
06 - Soon After Midnight 
07 - All Or Nothing At All 
08 - Long And Wasted Years 
09 - Autumn Years 
10 - Blowin' In The Wind 
11 - Why Try To Change Me Now 
12 - How Deep Is The Ocean (29/6-16) 
13 - That Old Feeling (16/7-16) 
14 - Stay With Me (16/7-16) 
15 - Simple Twist Of Fate (13/10-16) 
16 - Nobel Prize - Television news. 

2nd April 2017 - Waterfront Auditorium, Stockholm, Sweden. 

Disk 1 
01 - Intro 
02 - Things Have Changed 
03 - To Ramona 
04 - Highway 61 Revisited 
05 - Beyond Here Lies Nothin' 
06 - Full Moon And Empty Arms 
07 - Early Roman Kings 
08 - Melancholy Mood 
09 - Duquesne Whistle 
10 - Love Sick 
11 - Tangled Up In Blue 

Disk 2 
01 - Pay in Blood 
02 - Spirit On The Water 
03 - Scarlet Town 
04 - I Could Have Told You 
05 - Desolation Row 
06 - Soon After Midnight 
07 - That Old Black Magic 
08 - Long And Wasted Years 
09 - Autumn Years 
10 - Blowin' In The Wind 
11 - Why Try To Change Me Now 
12 - This Nearly Was Mine (7/5-17) 
13 - Summer Days (22/7-17) 
14 - Make You Feel My Love (12/7-17) 
15 - Once Upon A Time (22/7-17) 

Bonus Disc 

Announcement of the 2016 Nobel Prize in Literature to Bob Dylan, presented by Professor Sara Danius, 
Permanent Secretary of the Swedish Academy, on 13 October 2016. 
01 Track01 in Swedish 
02 Track02 
03 Track03 in English 
04 Track04 in French 
05 Track05 in German 
Following the announcement, Sara Danius, Permanent Secretary of the Swedish Academy, 
was interviewed by freelance journalist Sven Hugo Persson about the 2016 Nobel Prize in Literature to Bob Dylan. 
06 Track06 
The 2016 Nobel Prize Award Ceremony took place at Stockholm Concert Hall at 4:30 PM CET on Saturday, 10 December 2016. 
introduction by Alexander Norén on 10 December 2016 
07 Track07 
08 Track08 
09 Track09 
10 Track10 
Swedish National Anthem 
11 Track11 
12 Track12 
Opening Address by Professor Carl-Henrik Heldin 
13 Track13 
14 Track14 
15 Track15 
16 Track16 
17 Track17 
Award Ceremony Speech by Professor Horace Engdahl (voice over by Alexander Norén) 
18 Track18 
19 Track19 
20 Track20 
21 Track21 
22 Track22 
23 Track23 
Patti Smith sings A Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall 
24 Track24 
introduction of the Banquet Speech by Bob Dylan with horns and ladyspeaker 
25 Track25 
Banquet speech by Bob Dylan given by the United States Ambassador to Sweden Azita Raji 
26 Track26 
27 Track27 
28 Track28 
29 Track29 
Presentationstal av professor Horace Engdahl (Swedish) 
30 Track30 
31 Track31 
32 Track32 
33 Track33 
Bob Dylan's Nobel Prize lecture 
34 Track34 
35 Track35 
36 Track36 
37 Track37 
38 Track38 
39 Track39 
40 Track40 
41 Track41 
42 Track42 

Silver Discs -> EAC -> Traders Little helper -> FLAC 

Simple Minds - 2018-02-22 - Berlin, DE (mp4 pro-shot)

(mp4 pro-shot)

Simple Minds 
Schwuz, Berlin - Germany 
22nd February 2018 

Walk Between Worlds Tour 2018 

They did this special stop in Berlin Schwuz to promote the new LP and Tour. 
Original stream captured on Arte TV website. 
It seems that still there aren't been satellite or terrestrial TV broadcasts. 

Arte TV website > Video DownloadHelper 6.3.3 (HLS stream capture) > mkwACT v0.97 m5d chksum file signature creation > dime. 

File Info: 
Format: MPEG-4 
Format profile: Base Media isom (isom/iso2/avc1/mp41) 
File size: 1.35 GiB 
Duration: 1 h 21 min 
Overall bit rate mode: Variable 
Overall bit rate: 2 379 kb/s 

Video: h264 - MPEG-4 isom (isom/iso2/avc1/mp41); 1280 x 720; 25.000 fps 
Audio: AAC_LC; 125 kbps; 48000 Hz; stereo 

Band line up: 
Jim Kerr: vocals 
Charlie Burchill: guitar, keyboards 
Ged Grimes: bass guitar 
Sarah Brown: vocals 
Gordy Goudie: guitar 
Cherisse Osei: drums, percussion 
Catherine AD: vocals, keyboards 

01. Intro 
02. Waterfront 
03. Walk Between Worlds 
04. Magic 
05. Summer 
06. Utopia 
07. In Dreams 
08. The Signal and the Noise 
09. Barrowland Star 
10. Walk Between Worlds 
11. Sense of Discovery 
12. Someone Somewhere in Summertime 
13. The American 
14. Sanctify Yourself 
15. Alive and Kicking 
16. Don't You (Forget About Me) 
17. (PA tape Outro) Let's Work Together (by Canned Heat) 

Total Playing Time: 01:21:22 

Concert for Amnesty International - 1986-06-15 - East Rutherford, NJ (FM/FLAC)

(FM broadcast FLAC)

Giants Stadium, 

master from FM broadcast>M audio sound card>wav>flac editing with CDWave

01. Now That We Found Love
02. 96 Degrees in the Shade
03. Planting Us Too Close
04. Try Jah Love

01. Day By Day
03. Lucy In the Sky With Diamonds
04. Where Do The Children Go?
05. All You Zombies
06. And We Danced

01. El Salvador
02. No Easy Walk to Freedom
03. Blowing in the Wind

01. Walk On By
02. Redemption Song

01. Stepping Down
02. Turn Out the Light
03. I Can Lie to Myself
04. Love and Affection

01. Walking on Thin Ice
02. Imagine

01. No One is to Blame

01. Rock and Roll
02. I Love You Suzanne
03. No Money Down
04. Turn to Me
05. Walk On the Wild Side
06. Video Violence

01. Red Rain
02. Shock the Monkey
03. Family Snapshot
04. Sledgehammer
05. San Jacinto
06. Biko

01. MLK
02. Pride
03. Bad
04. Sunday Bloody Sunday
05. Maggie's Farm/Cold Turkey
06. Help!
07. Sun City (with Little Steven, Nona Hendryx, Ruben Blades and Lou Reed)

01. Message in a Bottle
02. King of Pain
03. Driven to Tears
04. Every Breath You Take
05. Roxanne
06. Invisible Sun (with Bono)

07. Finale with everyone--I Shall Be Released

Jan Garbarek Quartet - 1988-06-03 - St.Gerold, AT (FM/FLAC)

(FM broadcast FLAC)

Jan Garbarek Quartet (jazzrita > TomP remaster)

Probstei St. Gerold
Grosses Walsertal
St.Gerold, Austria

FM > flacs kindly provided by jazzrita > Nero 8 (edit) > TLH (flac6 + md5 + SBE / Decode Check)

Corrected FM phase offset
Corrected many volume and balance fluctuations
Cross-mixed channels (99:1 ratio)
Noise print NR, very low setting, mainly to improve sound quality rather than max. noise reduction
De-hum transitions between announcer and music start
Increased overall volume by +1dB
Removed some of the announcer and smoother out track transitions / tape flips
Added flac tags with artwork from the DVD above, note: these will be deleted if files are altered in any way.

Quality: Worth an A+ now, would be more without the remaining FM noise

Jan Garbarek - tenor + soprano sax, flute
Rainer Brüninghaus - keys
Eberhard Weber - bass
Naná Vasconcelos - percussion

01 - Tongue Of Secrets 4:46 (named "Mekka" by the announcer)
02 - Send Word > Percussion Solo 10:23
03 - The Path 5:38
04 - Hasta Siempre 9:33
05 - Second Piece 4:24
06 - Fifth Piece > Bass Solo 9:44
07 - Gesture > Vozes 9:47
08 - Dansere 10:09
09 - Conversation 6:28
10 - O Berimbau 3:18
11 - Weaving A Garland > He Comes From The North > Bass Solo 11:22
12 - The Last Stage Of A Long Journey 6:31
13 - Paper Nut 5:25 (applause fade out)
14 - Percussion Intro > The Crossing Place 9:08 (seems to be a different source)

total: 106:39

Rush - A Single, Perfect Sphere (SBD/FLAC)

(Soundboard FLAC)

Rush - 1978-79 - A Single, Perfect Sphere v1.1
Media: 2CDr
Time: 72:04, 52:39
Catalog: EBP002

A Desert Passage PE 
Black Forest 
Buenos Noches! Motor City 

November 20, 1978
May 28, 1979
December 02, 1978

Tucson Convention Center Arena, Tucson, Arizona, USA
Stadhalle, Offenbach, Germany
Cobo Hall Arena, Detroit, Michigan, USA 


Disc 1
1. Intro/Warm-up 2:54
2. Anthem 4:01
3. A Passage To Bangkok 3:54
4. By-Tor and the Snow Dog5:24
5. Xanadu 12:26
6. Something For Nothing 4:25
7. The Trees 4:37
8. Cygnus X-1 10:33
9. Hempispheres20:23
10. Closer to the Heart 3:26

Disc 2
1. Circumstances 4:26
2. A Farewell to Kings 5:40
3. La Villa Strangiato 10:33
4. 2112 19:12
5. Working Man 3:09
6. Bastille Day 1:43
7. In The Mood 2:43
8. Drum Solo 5:12

Production Notes:

A Single, Perfect Sphere v1.1 comes from my great love of the Hemispheres Tour. Every Soul a Battlefield was the first boot that I ever traded for (by B&P) because I wanted to hear Hemispheres live! I still love that recording, and the other Hemispheres Soundboards, but I have often wished there were a complete Hemispheres Soundboard with no tape flips or major problems like noticable tape fluctuation. To have a "Single, Perfect" Hemispheres show is the goal, but I hope the title doesn't suggest that I think this is it! The title simply indicates my goal. I realize that my skills as a sound editor (not to mention my equipment) leave much to be desired and that improved versions of the Hemispheres Soundboards may surface and so I will remain open to the future need of new editions of AS,PS. This release is mainly the result of the excellent work of the producers of the three shows that are here represented. Mine is just the idea to blend the best of them all in the least noticable way possible. With version 1.1 I have eliminated the sector bourndary errors, lowered the volume of some of Geddy's spoken intros to songs as needed, improved a few transitions between shows, added a more complete version of the evening in Tucson's intro tape, and made a few edits of rough material.

Intro is mainly from A Desert Passage PE and now is "complete" being sourced from a clean disc, with only the last few seconds cross-faded into Black Forest where the band is announced.

Anthem is at first from Black Forest and then cross-fades into A Desert Passage PE. The reason is that the beginning of the ADP PE version is marred by an Alex flub (not very noticable) and a short equipment sound problem, but then the rest of the track is great. Conversly, the beginning of Anthem from Black Forest is very nice with  unique playing from Alex while later in the track there is some clipping on Geddy's vocals.

A Passage to Bangkok is from Black Forest because I think the performance is the best and the sound is very good.

By-Tor is from A Desert Passage PE because I think it sounds the best and because it goes immediately into Xanadu, which is also from ADP PE. I think this is the best sounding over-all version of this song available from this tour. I did, however, take the liberty to edit out a finger/string split-second electric guitar noise that occurs in the stop-time silence right before the very last set of chords. With this edition I've also replaced the very crunchy keyboard riff at 9:00 with an earlier, identical riff. The beginning of this production borrows heavily from ADP PE, but I have edited out completely the problems with the crowd from the evening in Tucson. This is an interesting historical event for the group and us fans, but I don't think it should represent the Hemispheres Tour!

Something for Nothing is from ADP PE because I think it has the best sound and performance.

The Trees is one of the big reasons why I wanted so much to make this show. I love, as a whole, the performance and sound of the ADP PE version, but I have never liked how the nylon guitars sound from any of the Tucson versions. So, the intro is taken from Black Forest, and the rest of the song is from ADP PE. This was also partly done because I also wanted to take Cygnus X-1, Book 1 from ADP PE as well (and The Trees seamlessly leads into it). This track arguably sounds the best from the tour, has a great performance and is complete including the whole intro tape.

Cygnus X-1, Book 2: Hemispheres is the greatest reason for this compilation. It is taken from Black Forest. Thankfully, this track is completely (so far as I can tell) free of the minor sound problems that are present on some of the other songs from BF. The best thing about it is that it is absolutely complete! There was no tape flip that night (at least not during Hemispheres!) Even still, I chose to take The Sphere from ADP PE, mainly because of the transition into the next song, but also because it just sounds the best in a number of ways. So you get a different Hemispheres here than any where else! One very notable improvement featured on this production is that I have, believe it or not, eliminated the splice between Hemispheres and Closer to the Heart, which is also from ADP PE. Now it sounds like the keyboard is continuous. This was done by looping the keyboard sound a little and lots of cross-fades and then a little volume adjustment.

Circumstances is from Buenos Noches! Motor City because I needed to get this show involved--now that the tape fluctuation is done, and because the only alternative from ADP PE features a mis-sung lyric from Geddy. In that show he says something like " more, that's looking for, the world..." 

A Farewell to Kings is also from BN!MC, mainly because the nylon guitar sounds very nice and the alternative from Black Forest features a volume problem with Geddy's Synth (the very beginning of that part.)

La Villa Strangiato is from Black Forest chiefly because of the very unique and weird effects put on the spoken introduction. With this version I have added crowd noise behind the brief, (nearly) dead silence between La Villa and 2112, which is from ADP PE. The space between these two songs just sounded weird on version 1.

Working Man and  Bastille Day are also from ADP PE because there was no reason that they shouldn't have been and this meant no transition work for a while!!! ; )

In the Mood is from BN!MC mainly because of Geddy's unmistakable silliness and enthusiasm. This makes this version very unique.

Drum Solo is also from BN!MC because it is a fine performance and Geddy calls Neil Dr. Brain-o, okay?

Kiss - 2012-11-17 - Sao Paulo, BR (DVDfull pro-shot)

(DVDfull pro-shot)



Show or Bootleg Title:

Sao Paulo, Brazil (November 17th, 2012)

Show Venue:

Arena Anhembi


DVD - Pro Shot

Video Quality/Production Info:

Webcast / Brasil Metal Force

Audio/Video Specs:

ID : 224 (0xE0)
Format : MPEG Video
Format version : Version 2
Format profile : Main@Main
Format settings, BVOP : Yes
Format settings, Matrix : Custom
Bit rate mode : Variable
Bit rate : 5 790 Kbps
Maximum bit rate : 9 586 Kbps
Width : 720 pixels
Height : 576 pixels
Display aspect ratio : 16:9
Frame rate : 25.000 fps
Standard : PAL
Color space : YUV
Chroma subsampling : 4:2:0
Bit depth : 8 bits
Scan type : Progressive
Scan order : Top Field First
Bits/(Pixel*Frame) : 0.557


ID : 189 (0xBD)-128 (0x80)
Format : AC-3
Format/Info : Audio Coding 3
Mode extension : CM (complete main)
Format settings, Endianness : Big
Muxing mode : DVD-Video
Bit rate mode : Constant
Bit rate : 192 Kbps
Channel(s) : 2 channels
Channel positions : Front: L R
Sampling rate : 48.0 KHz
Bit depth : 16 bits



01 Detroit Rock City
02 Shout It Out Loud
03 Calling Dr. Love
04 Hell or Hallelujah
05 Wall of Sound
06 Hotter Than Hell
07 I Love It Loud
08 Outta This World
09 Bass Solo
10 God of Thunder
11 Psycho Circus
12 War Machine
13 Love Gun
14 Black Diamond
15 Lick It Up
16 I Was Made for Lovin’ You
17 Rock and Roll All Nite

Journey - 1978-07-09 - Chicago, IL (DVDfull pro-shot)

(DVDfull pro-shot)

Show or Bootleg Title:
PBS Soundstage UPGRADE (July 9th, 1978)

Show Venue:
Aragon Ballroom - Chicago, IL

DVD - Pro Shot

Video Quality/Production Info:
A / Live1 Productions 2006

Audio/Video Specs:
Format: NTSC
Resolution: 720 x 480
Aspect: 4:3
Frame Rate: 29.97 fps
Bitrate: 8000 kbps
Codec: MPEG-2
Letterbox: no

Sample Rate: 48 kHz
Bitrate: 1536 kbps (LPCM)
Codec: AC3
Channels: Dolby Digital 2 Ch./5.1 Ch.
Streams: 2


Menus: Yes
Chapters: Yes
Artwork: Yes

Set List/Chapters:
01. intro/documentary
02. Feeling That Way
03. Anytime
04. Winds Of March
05. Wheel In The Sky
06. blues jam
07. Sweet Little Angel
08. blues jam
09. On A Saturday Night
10. She Makes Me (Feel Alright)
11. Lights
12. ending program credits & jam

Comments by Bootradr:
""Wooda", the person who did the DVD work as well as the artwork too, did video color enhancement as well as cropping to render the video and create the project. They did an excellent job! And for the audio, rather than some lossy MPEG audio stream as many use, they created the DVD with LPCM audio (1536 kbps versus 448 kbps at highest MPEG bitrates). What this means is the video looks better and the audio is much, much better. And the audio is in 2 channels stereo and 5.1 channels surround sound. Just pick which audio stream you prefer and hit play.